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Timberline is a brand of shingle manufactured by GAF which is one of North America’s largest manufacturer and both residential and commercial shingles. GAF has a great reputation for manufacturer high quality shingles. When talking to roofing contractors, a lot of them will recommend installing Timberline shingles on your roof. Since they were founded in 1886, they bring over 125 years of experience to the table. GAF manufacturers several different types of Timberline shingles so let’s discuss each one briefly:

Timberline Ultra HD (previously known as the Timberline Prestique Lifetime)

This is one of GAF’s premium shingles. This fiberglass asphalt shingle is thick and durable.  They are more costly than standard architectural shingles. With layers that are over 50% thicker than standard shingles and fantastic color blends, these shingles will give your roof an ultra-dimensional roof. Other features include Dura Grip adhesive seals which can withstand winds up to 130 mph, a class A fire rating, StainGuard algae discoloration protection and UV blockers.

timberline lifetime shingles

Timberline American Harvest

This model is praised for its modern architectural look at an affordable price. It comes in a wide range of colors such as Adobe Sunset, Appalachian Sky, Brandywine Dusk, Cedar Falls, Golden Harvest, Nantucket Morning and Saddlewood Ranch. These shingles were manufactured to complement your home’s exterior style and increase its curb appeal. Nevertheless, it is important to never compromise style for function. Similar to the Ultra HD, this shingle also provides protection against winds of up to 130 mph.

Timberline HD (previously known as the Timberline Prestique 30)

The Timberline HD shingle is a step-down from the Ultra HD in terms of price and thickness but it does not sacrifice in quality. This shingle has a reputation for its value and bang for your buck. It’s high definition color blends give off a genuine wood-shake look. Yet it is designed using GAF’s signature Advanced Protection technology (this technology is standard in all their shingles). The Dura Grip adhesive seals ensure that your shingles will not blow off your roof!

Timberline Natural Shadow

The Timberline Natural Shadow shingle appears to have a natural wood look but don’t be fooled as it is also a fibreglass asphalt shingle. This is the most affordable Timberline shingle yet given GAF’s reputation for manufacturing quality shingles, there is no compromise on quality.

Timberline Cool Series

One of two Timberline specialty shingles, the Cool Series is an energy efficient shingle. In fact it is Energy Star qualified. Since a roof is an investment, what better than an investment that pays off! The Cool Series is designed to do just as it’s called, cool your home. It is manufacturer with special granules which reflect the sun’s rays. In turn, less heat will transfer into your home thus reducing your dependency on air conditioning.  How does this benefit you? Studies have shown that it can reduce your electrical bill by 10%! On top of this, the government offers tax credits and rebates on Energy Star rated products.

Timberline Armor Shield II

The second of Timberline speciality shingles, the Armor Shield II has been designed for the highest level of protection. This shingle has passed a number of tests. It meets Class F wind ratings. This shingle has been tested by getting battered by hail at 70 mph and not a single rupture occurred. Insurance companies have been providing some homes with up to 30% savings due to the exceptional protection provided by this shingle. If you live in a location prone to extreme weather, this may be the shingle for you.

timberline shingles

Timberline Warranty

If you get your shingles installed by a GAF-certified contractor, there are three warranty options: Base, Systems Plus and Golden Pledge.

The Base warranty provides the lowest level of coverage. It provides 100% coverage for material defects for a 10 year period . However there is no coverage for workmanship nor includes 40-point factory inspections. This warranty is transferable for free.

The System Plus warranty covers 100% of material defects for a 50 year period and this covers the entire roofing system. Cost of installation labor is included for a lifetime period.  When it comes to workmanship, there is a 2 year coverage period which is generally offered by the contractor if they are certified. This includes tear-off costs if a material defect is found but disposal costs are not included. Therefore as a homeowner you would have to cover that cost. Like all Timberline warranties, they are transferable.

The Golden Pledge warranty is the most advanced warranty and provides the widest range of coverage. There is a 50 year coverage period for 100% of material defects. On top of this, workmanship is covered for a 25 year period and the coverage is also backed by GAF. For material defects, all costs are included including tear-off costs and disposal fees.

When comparing the warranties, it is crucial that you read the fine print. Nominal differences in the wording of the warranties can make the difference between costs being covered by GAF/contractor versus costs having to be paid by the homeowner.  

See the warranty document here.


4 thoughts on “Timberline Shingles

  1. Kevin Gulden

    I am looking for a shingle that is Energy Star qualified – Do you know if the GAF Timberline Cool Series is available in the Minneapolis Area?
    For the purposes of Enterprise Green Communities criteria – Do you know where GAF Timberline Cool Series shingles are actually made (City, state)?


  2. Jacqueline Ruhland

    What color are the shingles on the home pictured here? American Harvest what? Let me know and thank you!

  3. Joseph Trenery

    My new shingles Timberline HD ARE NOT LYING flat. Is this because they are only one day on the house? I knoW THE HD shingle is supposed to have that look but some are now tat least smooth?


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